At Insulmate we take pride in the details whilst painting your home. Our Professional, experienced residential painting division will listen carefully to your requirements and offer you a quality painting service tailored to your project budget, whether it be a touch up of your rental property or giving the final touch to your Taj Mahal.

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Our paint of choice for exterior roof coating is Westflex, quality Perth based roof coating. A re-paint may require any mould or rust to be sprayed and treated before painting can occur. 2 coats of paint are usually applied to the roof to provide depth and even coverage.


Interior ceiling or roof painting is usually carried out after any major repair work. Insulmate work efficiently with every client and offer a wide range of paint colours to suit any existing interior look.

Patching & Repairs

Minor roof leaks or water damaged areas that are simple to fix may only require patching and spot treatment. Insulmate painters will get your ceiling back to normal and looking great promptly.

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