Ceiling Fixing (Plastering)

At Insulmate, we don't just work on the outside. We pride ourselves on being reliable, clean and tidy ceiling professionals too! We have a huge amount of experience in ceiling repair work, ceiling replacements and internal brickwork cover-ups.

There is no job too small, and we will even organise electrical and painting to make the job easier.


insulmate-water damaged ceilings

Water Damaged Ceilings

Water damaged ceilings are often visible due to brown or yellow water marks or coffee-like stains. Insulmate will re- plaster and fix your ceiling to prevent it staying damp and becoming unsafe or creating mould.


Sagging Ceilings

Sagging ceilings are commonly caused by water damage, storms or the building aging. It is important to make sure that all supporting structures and roof parts are sound and stable when repairing a ceiling. Qualified Insulmate professionals will ensure the new interior is repainted and decorated to match the existing structure.